Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

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Furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, are multi-purpose style statement pieces that can double as sustainable gift-wrapping or impromptu, chic tote bags — a foldable fabric superhero that champions nature, health, and thoughtful, timeless craftsmanship.

Color: Mizuhiki

Each Furoshiki is crafted upon order by Cozo Cazama in Japan and will be shipped separately from the other items in your cart. May take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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Furoshiki 風呂敷

Through the hands of artisan Cozo Cazama, this traditional japanese wrapping cloth, dyed with the earth's own hues, becomes more than a fabric; it is a pledge to cherish and preserve, a symbol of life's interconnected elegance.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - AIZOME (North America)

Mizuhiki 流水 (Flowing Water)

Mizuhiki reflects the ever-changing patterns similar to the flow of water, symbolizing adaptability, fluidity, and the natural beauty of impermanence. It highlights the cloth’s ability to transform with its use, embracing the concept of change and the natural flow of life.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - AIZOME (North America)

Hanakotoba 花言葉 (Flower Language)

Hanakotoba pays homage to the traditional Japanese form of communication through the symbolism of flowers, embodying deep messages and emotions without the need for words. It reflects the artistry and intention behind the creation of this variant, where each pattern communicates the beauty of nature, connection, and thoughtful craftsmanship.

Cozo Cazame showing his with natrual indigo coloured nails

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