Indigo Hana Regenerative Cotton T-Shirt

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We partnered with one of the last living traditional indigo dyers in Japan, Cozo Cazama, to offer one-of-a-kind, beautiful, indigo-dyed T-shirts. As you dress yourself up in this luxurious, handcrafted shirt, you are embraced by the sun, resources, and rain that nourished the indigo and cotton plants, and the love, tradition, and dedication that transformed them.

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  Child 6-8 Child 9-12 XS S M L XL XXL
Chest Width 14" 16" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22" 23"
Length 21" 22" 25" 26" 27" 28" 29" 30"
Sleeve 6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8" 8.5" 9" 9.5"
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Color: Hana no Yoru 花の夜 (Night of Flowers)

Each shirt is crafted individually in Japan and will be shipped seperately from the other items in your cart.

Beyond Organic

Made from regenerative organic cotton to restore the health of the soil & ecosystem

Medical-Grade Quality

FDA-registered Class 1 medical device, ensuring rigorous safety and efficacy testing

Plant-Powered Color

Free from petrochemicals, ensuring a healthier choice for you and the environment

Tagless Design

A must-have for individuals seeking the ultimate in skin-friendly apparel

Flat Seams

Our flat seam construction was crafted to help reduce friction, ideal for those with sensitive skin

Neck Tape

Our thoughtfully integrated neck tape ensures the neck area of our shirts remains smooth and irritation-free

Made to Last

By replacing synthetic materials with natural alternatives, we create high-quality, resilient garments.

Tagless Design

Our motto is truly natural, and we mean it. At AIZOME, there is no plastic hidden in the fine print

Expert Testimonials

PhD, Environmental Textile Engineer and Pioneer and Founder of SlowTech Labs

Sudeep Motupalli Rao

AIZOME is a potential  medicine you can wear. What is not there is the usual toxicological profile. But on the other hand, we have the benefits of natural dyes supported by a body of evidence.

Naturopathic Doctor, Wild Oak Medicine in Santa Rosa

Dr. Chris Holder

AIZOME is unique in their approach among all textile companies I know in their commitment to cradle to grave fully organic design down to even the dyeing process. They are harnessing the known healing power of plants, and deliberately omitting anything that we know can harm your health and the environment we all live in.

Sustainable Fashion pioneer and Professor of Fashion Design at California College of the Arts

Prof. Lynda Grose

There are thousands of synthetic chemicals used in textile dyeing and all of them impact the workers, the environment and us. AIZOME is bringing a completely different way of thinking to textile coloring.

Transforming Textiles, Naturally

The textile industry has a petrochemical dependence. Awareness is growing, but so is greenwashing. According to research by the European Commission, 42% of sustainability claims in the textile industry are false or misleading, due largely to a lack of regulation or enforcement.

Our mission: prove that petrochemicals are unnecessary in textiles. We're embracing innovation, robust regulation, and consumer empowerment. From seed to sheet, we've partnered with organic and ethical manufacturing experts in some of the world's most directly impacted areas — India, China, Turkey — to revive a wiser, more holistic and transparent vision for textile creation, and a steadfast commitment to natural, plant ingredients.


Conventional: Repeated crop cultivation depletes soil, leading to heavy reliance on synthetic fertilizers and exploitative labor practices.

AIZOME: Advocating regenerative farming to rejuvenate soil for robust, healthy cotton growth and fair partnership with laborers.

Raw Material Harvesting

Conventional: Pervasive use of pesticides to boost crop yields, which can be detrimental to the environment and workers and can leave residuals in fabrics.

AIZOME: Commitment to regenerative organic cotton, free from harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Fiber Processing

Conventional: Dependence on intense chemical processes to transform materials like wood or bamboo into yarn. Even conventional (and most organic) cotton is processed using detergents, caustic soda, and bleach.

AIZOME: Focused on unbleached organic and regenerative cotton, washed only with water and bioenzymes.


Conventional: Chemical treatments for enhanced strength and texture; bleaching for artificial whiteness and removing impurities.

AIZOME: Simple, clean processing with water and bio-enzymes and without synthetic chemicals, preserving the natural essence of the cotton.

Cutting and Sewing

Conventional: Often marred by opaque and exploitative labor practices.

AIZOME: Ethical collaboration with certified manufacturers, ensuring fair and safe working conditions and a living wage.

Accessories and Fastenings

Conventional: Often, clothing items come with accessories like polyester threads, plastic bands, zippers, and plastic buttons, which can compromise the integrity of eco-friendly claims.

AIZOME: We exclusively utilize 100% cotton threads for stitching and opt for natural (latex-free) rubber bands to provide elasticity.

Traditional Hand Dyeing

Conventional: Reliance on synthetic and even toxic dyes (see: azobenzene dyes) and chemical mordants.

AIZOME Artisan Line: Traditionally hand-dyed in japanese rivers using 100% real indigo dye

Distribution and Retail

Conventional: Utilization of environmentally harmful packaging and shipping materials.

AIZOME: Adoption of plastic-free, recyclable paper packaging, reducing environmental impact.


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