Sustainable Textile Pioneer Lynda Grose on AIZOME

Sustainable Textile Pioneer Lynda Grose on AIZOME

The Plant-Based Dyes

Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antibacterial and so much more.

We at AIZOME combine tradition and technology to produce textiles that are not only utterlyharmless to our environment but also beneficial for your skin and wellbeing. Plants such asIndigo, Rubia, and Sumac offer a wide range of health benefits due to their anti-inflammatory andanalgesic components, making them potent allies in the treatment of allergies, pain, and wounds.Their anti-bacterial properties aid in offering protection against harmful pathogens. Our fabricsare made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, perfect for those with sensitive skins.

The Technology

In partnership with nature, in harmony with tradition.

Holistic wisdom has embraced plants as medicine for centuries. Traditional Japanese indigo dyeing uses medicinal plants to create colorful textiles full of health benefits. For instance,samurai warriors would dye their clothing with indigo, to prevent any possible wounds from getting infected. However, since the color and its unique properties would fade with time, plant-based dyeing was deemed infeasible for mass production.The beauty of state-of-the-art technology was the answer. AIZOME fabrics are dyed using our own patented AIZOME ULTRA™ technology that uses ultrasound to infuse our textiles with the plant's color pigments and properties. High-frequency waves literally press the dye into every cavity of the fiber. Compared to traditional plant dyeing (and even conventional synthetic dyeing), AIZOME textiles are unmatched in quality and durability.

Materials Innovation Scientist Sudeep speaks about AIZOME

Materials Innovation Scientist Dr. Sudeep Motupalli Rao about AIZOME

The Commitment

Good for the people, good for the planet.

Textiles are such an intimate part of our lives, and yet they are often produced with highly toxic substances; from carcinogens and neurotoxins to endocrine disruptors, over 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used in textile dyeing and finishing, resulting in damaging the planet, the workers, and the wearers. AIZOME is here to change that. Our patent-pending process uses zero chemicals, leading to a fabric that is not only harmless but even beneficial. It uses up to 200x's less water than conventional dyeing, produces no toxic wastewater, enabling us to significantly reduce our AIZOME water footprint. But the coolest part? Even the wastewater from AIZOME dyeing contains beneficial substances, which can be used to nurture the soil.

The Impact

Simplicity can be radical. Our sheets are made from organic cotton, water, and medicinal herbs. Of these ingredients, all are good for your skin and are completely biodegradable. While chemical dyes are widely recognized to cause devastating effects on the environment and factory workers, our dyes produce zero toxic waste. In fact, our wastewater is so pure, it has been used as fertilizer, and even skin care. It is also estimated our dyeing process requires 75% less water than conventional synthetic dyeing.