AIZOME’s Plant Dyes Set a New Standard for Organic Bedding... and Clothing???

AIZOME’s Plant Dyes Set a New Standard for Organic Bedding... and Clothing???

More organic than organic? What does that even mean?

At the core of what sets AIZOME apart in the organic textile market is our unwavering dedication to natural plant dyes, a tradition steeped in history yet remarkably relevant today. By embracing indigo, a dye with roots deep in Japanese culture, we're not just revisiting ancient wisdom; we're weaving it into the fabric of modern living. Indigo stands out for its deep, vibrant blue, but its real beauty lies in its therapeutic qualities, as Indigo has long been prized for offering relief for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne with its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-itch properties.

Our approach to dyeing mirrors our commitment to a healthier planet. Through a patented ultrasonic dyeing technique, we dramatically lower the environmental toll of textile dyeing, conserving water and avoiding the chemical runoff typical of conventional methods. Our process is so clean that even the resulting wastewater can be repurposed as skincare, setting a precedent of real circularity in sustainable textile production.

But how is this different from other organic bedding and textiles?

Most organic textiles on the market today contain the same 100% organic cotton, but the cotton has been bleached, treated with Caustic Soda and Acetic Acid, softened with silicones, dyed using low-impact synthetic dyes, and sewn using blended polyester threads. And none of this has to be shared on the label. 

But the cotton in AIZOME bedding is not only purely organic, it is our mission to keep it truly natural. Free from GMOs, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, detergents, bleaches, and silicones, we're adamant about keeping synthetic chemicals out of our bedding. No PFAs, formaldehyde, AZO dyes touch our fabrics. Just plants, plants, and more plants (and a natural mineral mordant for a few colors). In fact, even our textile wastewater is so clean that we are able to repurpose it as a skincare ingredient! 

AIZOME's blend of timeless wisdom and innovative technology, coupled with our dedication to true organic materials and sustainable practices, has garnered attention and acclaim, earning us nominations for prestigious awards like the Green Product Award, SXSW 2024, and the Earthshot Prize.

When you choose AIZOME bedding, you’re not just picking out a new set of sheets, you’re making a choice for a healthier night's sleep, for a kinder and more sustainable world, and for a nighttime cocooned in plant-powered bliss.

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