Earth Day 2021: Healthy Beds for All

Earth Day 2021: Healthy Beds for All - AIZOME (North America)

Oceans are the origin of all life and they’re the basis of a healthy world. If you have recently been to pretty much any beach in the world, you will have noticed, that we have a problem. 

A recent study found that we are currently eating plastic about the size of a credit card each week which has largely entered the food chain through the oceans.  Large amounts of plastics are poisoning and destroying the natural habitats of us and our fellow living beings.  

From John Oliver to Richard Branson: many are talking about plastic polllution these days, because, preciliy, we have a problem!

The problem of plastics in the ocean is enormous and we can only solve this together. Our company, Aizome develops completely natural textiles without synthetics, without plastics. And we strongly believe this is what the future should look like: where possible, all natural, no plastics required.

But we also want to do our part of cleaning up the mess that we, as humans collectively caused, and free the oceans of plastics and preserve important ecological spaces for other species. That’s why Aizome organizes task forces in Okinawa to clean highly polluted beaches and important breeding grounds for marine life such as sea turtles. Each month we gather hundreds of people and do big scale, massive beach cleans. 

The Ryukyu islands of Okinawa are Japan's Southern islands. They are home to an incredible variety of coral reefs and harbor colorful marine life including different kinds of whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Sadly, the Pacific Ocean is burdened with a large amount of plastic trash, so even uninhabited islands have become heavily polluted.

You make a difference. With every $100 you spent on Aizome, you clean around one big dumpster of waste, fishing nets, buoys, styrofoam, plastic bottles from the oceans. You get a clean bed, and the ocean's marine life gets one, too.

This is obviously a small contribution towards a big problem. Cleaning the oceans, is a challenge of epic proportions. If we don't want to be the last generations to live healthy lives we have to start somewhere. Living and consuming consciously by reducing, reusing, and recycling, as well as supporting the many companies and organizations that are sincere, and are trying to do their best is a great first step. 

We from Aizome believe, that if we want to, we can create a healthy world.

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I saw your contribution appearing on life stream with Mark Rober and MrBeast. So awesome. This is really cool. I am happy you are not just talking but actually doing things. Well done.

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