What we believe

This is a new era.

We are not just consumers anymore. Our choices, what we consume and how we consume CAN change the world.   We believe we can no longer only be driven by the bottom line at any cost because the cost will be passed on to our children.

Aizome was created with the passion for creating products that help people in their everyday lives while eliminating the pollution, wastage and human harm that are traditionally caused in creating textiles. We believe in a new business model – where the bottom line is achievable while helping the world around us.

Here is the impact our products can have on the world:

  • Currently, 28% of global water pollution comes from chemical dyes – imagine this was mostly eliminated through our proprietary technology & use of organic dyes?
  • 1 in 6 people in the world work in textiles – imagine if we give them good working conditions?
  • 1 out of 3 people in the USA suffers from chronic skin diseases, which chemicals in textiles may aggravate – imagine if we delivered great sleep using our no-chemical bed sheets to these people?

We believe in doing good for customers, employees, people and the planet.


What we (exclusively) use

Our products are made from simple, easy to understand plant-based materials. 

Big NOs in our production 

NO synthetic dyes: Almost all fabrics use them. Azo dyes, nanosilvers like cadmium or quicksilver or other heavy metals – these are toxic and can irritate skin. We will only ever use colors made 100% from plants

NO petro-chemicals: No plastics, no polyester, no acrylic, no spandex, or any kind of mixed fibers.

NO Bleach: Bleach is used in most fabrics to make cotton whiter and more absorbent for dyes. We use only unbleached natural fibers.

NO pesticides on our cotton: We only use organic, ethically sourced cotton.

NO chemical finishing: Finishers are used in fabric manufacturing to add something 'extra' to the fabric. The problem is that they are bad for the environment and some are even toxic for humans at high-levels. Anything that touts itself as static resistant, stain resistant, flame retardant, or wrinkle-free is often treated with formaldehyde, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) like Teflon, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and nonylphenols (NPs), or triclosan.