Dust Allergies? How to Rid Your Home from Allergens and Nasty Chemicals in the Air

Dust Allergies? How to Rid Your Home from Allergens and Nasty Chemicals in the Air - AIZOME (North America)
Some people do it once a month. Others once a week. Yet others several times a week, and others still daily. There are even people who do it both at night and in the morning or several times a day for a passionate few. Some people don't do it at all.
I'm talking, of course, about cleaning one's home.
Why Your Mom is Right
"I'll do it tomorrow." Online motivational coaches, self-help books and your mom will all have told you a million times never to say those words. And yes, they're not always right. Some things can wait. But when it comes to keeping your house clean, you might want to think twice the next time you utter those words.
A Different Kind of Shit
Clutter aside, the most important thing to keep your home clean of is dust. Why you might wonder? It's just dust. Well, have you ever wondered what dust actually is? No? Let me break it to you then. Dust is made up of textile fibers, human skin (!), dead dust mites (!!) and - brace yourself - the poop of dead dust mites (!!!). Still enjoying stroking your fingers across that set of literary classics in your bookshelf?
But really, neither the human skin nor the dust mites are all that dangerous. It's the textile fibers that are. And the poop.
  • Human skin
  • Textile fibers
  • Dead dust mites
  • The poop of dead dust mites
  • All of the above 
Dusting off your favorite suit
Since textiles are made of 99% dyed chemicals, they contain petroleum and heavy metals. Nothing you want in your lungs, I'm sure. Dust mites love artificial materials, such as polyester fibers. They thrive in our homes, sofas, and beds more than in nature. And their poop is aggressive and can cause allergies and skin irritations.
The solution to all of the above
Clean. Clean. Clean. Yes, I'm afraid there's no secret formula to getting rid of these chemicals other than keeping your home free from dust. Unless, of course, you go straight to the source.
By not buying textiles using chemical dyes, the dust in your home will be less harmful and you can afford that relaxing Monday evening with new HBO episodes to watch or a weekend full of fun activities of your own choosing.
And there is one textile above all others where this is especially important. The sheets of your bed, where you spend one-third of your life. By equipping it with healthy bedding, you'll create a clean environment free from allergens. In other words, unpolluted air to breathe while you sleep and recharge your body.
Aizome Bedding is made of organic cotton with a high thread count and sateen weave, ideal to keep dust mites away. It's dyed with natural indigo, completely free of chemicals. This luxury organic bedding not only gets rid of harmful dust, but it also creates healthy dust as the natural indigo soothes and helps heal your skin.

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