5 Changes You Can Make Today to Sleep Better

5 Changes You Can Make Today to Sleep Better - AIZOME (North America)

Practice makes perfect. Whether it be your new duties at work or training for a marathon, I'm sure you've approached most situations with this attitude, and (hopefully) enjoyed great results. But how often have you tried to sleep better? For something that we do every day and is essential to our well-being, surprisingly few pay attention to how they sleep. So let's jump on it.

1. Invest in a quality mattress

Too expensive? Well, look at it this way. Most mattresses are good to use for eight years. That's almost 3000 nights. Spending 800 USD on a good mattress thus costs a mere 25 cents a night, while you would only save 15 cents per day on a 200 dollar mattress. Don’t forget, this is where you spend 1/3 of your life, and where you get the energy to be the best you. Surely it's worth investing in. 

2. Get a mattress cover

As you probably are aware, mattresses are a nightmare to wash. They're almost impossible to wash, actually. That's not only important from a hygienic standpoint, as bed mites that can harm your skin and cause allergies thrive in dirty mattresses. The solution? Buy a mattress cover. They can easily be removed and washed, while at the same time extending the shelf life of your mattress.

3. Pick a good pillow

This might be the one item in our list you've already done something about. The thing with pillows is that they're so individual, and different kinds suit different sleeping styles and ailments. If you sleep on your front, a flatter pillow might fit you well while a denser one might be more suitable if you sleep on your back. (And if you roll around a lot in your sleep? Go for something in between!) If you have neck problems, a pillow with memory foam might be your best pick. The downside is that they can get a little hot during the summer. A solution that always works? Make sure that your pillow case is made of organic cotton! GOTS-certified cotton regulates the temperature, cooling you down when conditions are hot and vice versa.

4. Find a healthy sleeping routine

This is another one you might have put some thought into, but the issue is not just to have a routine that you repeat every night, but a good one. Avoiding caffeine at night is a no-brainer, but smartphones and other screens is probably Mr. Sandman's worst enemy in the digital age. Studies have shown that we increase our sleep quality by 30% if we don't look at screens (or dim the light on them) one hour before going to bed.

5. Get a set of Aizome Bedding

You knew it was coming, didn't you. But hey, we're doing this for your sake as much as our own. With Aizome Bedding, you can dress your mattress and pillows in 100% organic cotton, dyed with natural indigo. Its cotton is certified by GOTS, a leading organic textile regulatory body. Our organic luxury bedding is a treat for your skin, free of chemicals and keeps bed mites at a healthy distance. That is why it received the "SKIN HEALTH" seal from Dermaveritas as a truly hypoallergenic and dermatologist-reviewed bedding product. Your health is our priority and our guiding principle in quality guidelines we have adopted, so it will be as close as you can get to perfect sleep. Without even having to practice. To purchase a set of Aizome bed linen, see below.

Sleep Aizome - your present to our future

Bed linen from Aizome Bedding uses 100% organic cotton and natural indigo dye, which soothes your skin and provides the ultimate sleeping experience. Handcrafted according to ancient Japanese tradition, our bed sheets are a treat for you and the environment. Buy your set below and put your sleepless nights to rest.

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