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Zinc: "Innovation Shout - December"

Zinc: "Innovation Shout - December"

AIZOME Featured in Zinc Innovation Shout December


In their latest edition of Zinc Innovation Shout, Zinc Group highlights AIZOME's groundbreaking approach to sustainable textiles. Zinc Group, a global leader in innovative solutions, celebrates AIZOME's innovative Wastecare project, demonstrating how industrial waste can be transformed into skincare.

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Zinc Group mentions that AIZOME is revolutionizing the textile industry with its Wastecare initiative, turning industrial waste into skincare products. This eco-friendly approach uses AIZOME ULTRA™ technology, which employs plants, water, and ultrasound instead of toxic chemicals. As Zinc Group notes,

“The result: textiles with health benefits.”


Why This Press Release Is Special

As it comes from Zinc Group, an influential voice in the innovation and technology sectors. By featuring AIZOME, Zinc Group underscores the importance of sustainable practices in the textile industry. Their recognition brings AIZOME's pioneering efforts to a broader audience, highlighting the potential for eco-friendly innovations to create healthier products for consumers and the environment.

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