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Samurai Blue: where to buy Indigo items (in Japan & Online)?

Samurai Blue: where to buy Indigo items (in Japan & Online)?

Discover the Best Places to Buy Indigo in Japan and Online

The popular blog, Color One, recently published an article titled "Samurai Blue: Where to Buy Indigo Items (in Japan & Online)". The piece explores various locations and online stores where one can purchase authentic indigo products, highlighting AIZOME Bedding as a standout.

Read the full article here.

Color One mentions that AIZOME is a unique company that utilizes plant-based indigo for dyeing bed linens, setting it apart in the industry. An interesting quote from the article is: "AIZOME BEDDING is the only company using plant-based indigo for dyeing bed linen."

This press release is particularly valuable as Color One is a well-regarded blog focused on Japanese culture and traditions. Their endorsement of AIZOME Bedding brings significant attention to the brand within a niche market dedicated to high-quality, natural products. Color One is known for its in-depth explorations of traditional Japanese arts, making this feature an important milestone for AIZOME's visibility and credibility.

Read the full article on the Color One blog here.

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