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Aizome Bedding: Healthy bed linen for skin and the environment

Aizome Bedding: Healthy bed linen for skin and the environment

AIZOME Bedding: Healthy Bed Linens for Skin and Environment recently published an article on AIZOME Bedding, featuring an interview with founder Michel May. The article, titled "Gesunde Bettwäsche für Haut und Umwelt" ("Healthy Bed Linens for Skin and Environment"), explores AIZOME's innovative approach to producing eco-friendly and skin-safe bedding.

Read the full article here. mentions that AIZOME is revolutionizing the bedding industry with its plant-based indigo dyeing process, which eliminates harmful chemicals. An interesting quote from the article is: "We use only certified organic cotton and indigo from plantations that otherwise produce for medicinal purposes."

This press release is special as is a prominent platform for business and startup news, known for its thorough coverage of innovative companies. Their feature on AIZOME highlights the company’s dedication to sustainability and health, showcasing its impact on the textile industry. This endorsement underscores the importance of AIZOME's mission to provide healthier bedding options for consumers.

Read the full article on here.

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