13 - Product Design

13 - Product Design


In 2020, AIZOME switched to 100% recycled cardboard packaging materials and stickers, and biodegradable transparent tapes. We do not pack products in individual plastic bags, which is the general custom in the textile industry.


Recycling textile is notoriously difficult. According to a recent study in Europe by Mckinsey, less than 1 percent of textile waste is fiber-to-fiber recycled. This is in part because most textiles cannot safely be recycled, as they are the product of complex synthetic blends. Many companies are actively pursuing the means to recycle synthetic and blended textiles, but even when this is accomplished, the amount of chemicals that will be involved in the process is alarming. AIZOME products are entirely natural, meaning they can not only be recycled, they can go straight into the compost. But their durability and colorfastness means this will not even be a consideration for many years. 

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