05 - Strategy

05 - Strategy


At AIZOME, we no longer strive to be ‘sustainable’. Why? Because we view sustainability as the effect, the outermost expression of an innermost conviction, not the cause. Instead, our vision to create healthy, all natural textiles arises as an undiluted expression of that innermost foundation: omoiyari – the Japanese concept of honoring one’s relationship to all things.

Omoiyari 思いやり consideration, compassion; to anticipate the needs of others with empathy and thoughtful awareness.

 Omoiyari anchors our decision-making in deep relational care and accountability, and in the possibility of a way forward. Omoiyari has grown our understanding of impact,transforming our expectations of business along the way. At AIZOME, we nurture a radical belief in possibility – root ed in respect and celebration. Interconnectedness already exists, we humans need simply to remember how to perceive it.

 As our dear teacher and artistic advisor, Cozo Cazama says:

 “To master the art of aizome, one is required to observe and learn from nature, and also to re spect nature’s ways. In our age where everything is changing fast, I think it is important to be reminded that we humans are part of the natural world. Feeling the identity of being a part of the natural world, this is what aizome is to me.”

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