Sleep Organic


Sleeping organic means sleeping better and healthier. Just as with our food, we should care about chemicals with the textiles that touch our skin. This is as much for our well-being as it is for the environment.

Better sleep in ideal conditions

It's not about the quantity but the quality of sleep. Most people, however, pay very little attention to their physical sleeping environment but with any kind of activity you get more out of it with the right equipment.

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No irritants or disease triggers

Sleeping in a healthy environment is important. The most common irritants are itches, night sweats, allergic reactions. Those are caused by the high number of mcrobes in your bed (bed bugs and other bacteria, viruses and fungi) as well as strong residual toxins of chemical dyes.

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Organic nightly treatment

The bioactive compounds present in indigo naturalis, a dark blue powder originating from the leaves and branches of various indigo-producing plants, are useful for antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial and detoxifying purposes.

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Highest human-enviromental standards

Aizome Bedding has been independently certified to meet the highest standards possible in the market sevreal of the most important institutions: the French GOTS and the Swiss OEKO-TEX, as well as independently verified by the Japanese textile institute QTEC

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