Nightly treatment

An optimal, hypoallergenic solution that promotes a healthier skin thanks to the medically tested curative properties of indigo.



For centuries, aizome fabrics have been cherished by the Japanese for their beautiful ocean-like color quality. But wearing aizome clothing also had healing properties, as it was known to soothe skin disorders, calm inflammation, repeal bacteria and even repel insects. Farmers wore it when laboring in the fields, samurai donned it under their amour and there were used to make comfortable and healthy bedding. Indigo naturalis has also been used in American and European health institutions to treat a number of skin conditions, ranging from psoriasis to dermatitis or rosacea.

Nightly Treatment

The bioactive compounds present in indigo naturalis, a dark blue powder originating from the leaves and branches of various indigo-producing plant, are useful for antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial and detoxifying purposes.

These particles present in the indigo dye help promote a nightly therapeutic treatment through a continuous release of small doses of curative substances that are absorbed through your skin.


The traditional craftsmanship, aesthetic authenticity and an intrinsic understanding of the ingredients involved create a bedding of minimalistic sophistication that will fill your bedroom with Zen-like calmness.