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Nachedeucom: "AIZOME featured in 2023 design trends"

Nachedeucom: "AIZOME featured in 2023 design trends"

AIZOME's WasteCare™ Garners International Attention in Design Trends

AIZOME's innovative "WasteCare™" campaign has been featured in an insightful article on, highlighting its recognition at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023. The article delves into the campaign's success in transforming textile dyeing waste into skincare products.

Read the full article here. mentions that AIZOME is at the forefront of sustainable innovation with "WasteCare™," a skincare product derived from indigo dyeing wastewater. This method not only reduces environmental impact but also harnesses the benefits of natural dyeing processes. "WasteCare™" exemplifies a product that embodies the identity and charm of traditional indigo dyeing.

Why This Press Release is Special, a notable outlet for global business and design trends, underscores the importance of AIZOME’s achievements in sustainable design. By highlighting AIZOME’s award-winning campaign, the article places a spotlight on the significant strides being made in environmentally conscious textile production. This recognition by a reputable publication further solidifies AIZOME's position as a leader in innovative and sustainable practices within the industry.

Read the full article here.

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