16 - Future Goals

16 - Future Goals


Our management is committed to transparency in our textile production, and as we grow, we aim to cultivate personal relationships with suppliers and share them openly with our audience. Long, hidden supply chains enable exploitative practices; we are determined to do the opposite through the creation of visibility and transparency.


We’re excited to explore the many potential materials that can make textiles healthier! We’re always on the lookout for new materials that will create even more health-conscious choices for our customers, while also offering skin-healing benefits for any one with sensitive skin.


A deep understanding and appreciation of textiles, dye, and impact is paramount, and we at AIZOME are passionate about creating unbiased educational content about the impact of textiles and dye on both health and the environment.


We are eager to explore the exciting, cutting-edge technologies being developed to make textiles production healthier around the world. It is our mission to be part of the change in our industry.


Our aim is to provide eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional synthetic dyes that are harmful to the environment and human health. By developing plant-based dyes that are free from chemicals and toxins, along with a unique sonar dyeing process (patent-pending), we hope to contribute to the growing demand for sustainable fashion and textiles. Our focus on B2B will allow us to target larger textile manufacturers and help them adopt sustainable practices, ultimately making a significant positive impact on the industry’s environmental footprint. We are committed to advancing our research and development to achieve this goal and are excited to be part of the movement towards a more sustainable future.


In 2020 we cleaned 15,000 lbs of plastic pollution from the ocean. As we grow, we want to do more to engage with impactful things that keep our world healthy, reversing some of the harm done.

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