Bed Throw Yūgen

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A cozy looking Bed with white Aizome Bedding is standing in a simple Room

Yūgen by Cozo Cazama

Cozo Cazame showing his with natrual indigo coloured nails

What is Aizome?

All-Natural: 100% the Real Deal!

🧪 Synthetic materials are artificial creations that don't exist naturally. Nowadays, synthetic components dominate the textile industry and are primarily derived from aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic by-products of the petrochemical industry. Essentially, synthetics in textiles are made from fossil fuels, just like plastic.

🌿 When we say our products are plant-made, we mean they are exclusively derived from plants. They are not 'plant-based' with synthetic additives or a mixture of plants and other synthetic materials. We strictly use plants and nothing else in the production process.

💎 For a few colors such as rubia or sumac we use natural minerals to increase vibrancy.

AIZOME Bedding

Organic / Eco-friendly Bedding

Standard Bedding


🌿 100% plant-made

🌿 Mostly plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 Plant-synthetic blend


🌿 100% plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 "Low-impact" or "plant-based"

🧪 Synthetic


🌿 100% plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 Plant-synthetic blend

🧪 Synthetic


🌿 + 💎 100% plant & mineral-made

🧪 Mostly synthetic

🧪 Synthetic

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