Organic Crib Fitted Sheet (Pre-Order)

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Color: Natural Indigo

Naturally Dyed. Organic. Unbleached.

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September 30

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The harvest is in! While our team is busy fermenting indigo and preparing  our organic, unbleached cotton for AIZOME’s exclusive medicinal herb dye, you can already pre-order sheets made from the 2023 harvest. Shipping is scheduled from the end of September, bringing you fresh sheets crafted in harmony with nature. Transform  your bedroom into a nontoxic haven with luxuriously soft, healthy, skin-soothing sheets! Don't miss this exclusive opportunity.

All-Natural: 100% the Real Deal!

🧪 Synthetic materials are artificial creations that don't exist naturally. Nowadays, synthetic components dominate the textile industry and are primarily derived from aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic by-products of the petrochemical industry. Essentially, synthetics in textiles are made from fossil fuels, just like plastic.

🌿 When we say our products are plant-made, we mean they are exclusively derived from plants. They are not 'plant-based' with synthetic additives or a mixture of plants and other synthetic materials. We strictly use plants and nothing else in the production process.

💎 For a few colors such as rubia or sumac we use natural minerals to increase vibrancy.

AIZOME Bedding

Organic / Eco-friendly Bedding

Standard Bedding


🌿 100% plant-made

🌿 Mostly plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 Plant-synthetic blend


🌿 100% plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 "Low-impact" or "plant-based"

🧪 Synthetic


🌿 100% plant-made

🧪 + 🌿 Plant-synthetic blend

🧪 Synthetic


🌿 + 💎 100% plant & mineral-made

🧪 Mostly synthetic

🧪 Synthetic

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Customer Reviews

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Got baby sheets on Indiegogo

I'm delighted to share my experience. We received the AIZOME sheets during the trial in 2020. I was genuinely disappointed that you did not continue producing them. These sheets were an absolute lifesaver for our son, who was only 6 months old at the time and struggling with severe eczema. The impact of the AIZOME sheets was nothing short of miraculous.

In light of our positive experience, we made the decision to replace all of our synthetic dyed sheets. Fast forward to today, and our son, now 3 years old, is completely free from eczema. The transformation has been remarkable.

I'm excited to announce that I'll be purchasing these sheets again, this time as a thoughtful gift for a friend. AIZOME has truly made a difference in our lives, and I'm confident it can do the same for others. A heartfelt thank you to your team!